Saturday, November 2, 2013

Vintage Reads ::: 1950's/60's Gossip & Detective Magazines

One of my favorite estate sale adventures dates back to when I found these little beauties! 

I have a knack for remembering exactly where I pick up all of my vintage treasures...which thrift store, estate sale, flea market etc. ((something the Mister likes to poke fun at me for!)) I can usually always tell you at least one other item I may have picked up with it. ((I'm a little crazy-pants, i know)) 
For example: I picked up these magazines in the basement of the most amazing little mid-century home. One of my FAVORITE qualities to a mid-cent home are in fact the basements! I LOVE little hand-crafted bars and bar-stools, and I especially love the tiling in these places. My favorites are the ones with the built in shuffle board floors! *Swoon* 

I can honestly say that I don't own one magazine that isn't at least 40+ years old...
I do enjoy the occasional Juxtapoz or any other colorful art & design magazine out there...but I usually just skim through them at the local bookstore. 

One of my very favorite things to do is curl up with some good vintage reads, a cozy blanket and a cup of hot tea *with amaretto cream*

I love skimming through all the old articles and I'm always impressed by the way things were worded in the good ole' days. I love that the hot gossip was about how short Bette Davis' skirt was or how Marilyn's lipstick shade was just a little too scandalous. I love how ridiculous the old advertisements were...most either pretty racist or extremely chauvinist. 

There are so many beautiful things about those amazing couple of many things that I wish were a part of today...but there are a ton of things I am happy we have progressed on!

Hope y'all enjoyed!

Come back tomorrow for some more vintage treats!



**P.S. What are some of your favorite things to collect? I would LOVE to know!** 

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