Monday, April 30, 2012

tea time...

So, I went on a quick run to the local thrift today to see if I could find some kind of shelving something to help better organize my shop room... I actually got really lucky and found something perfect to fit just where I need it! I was just at this thrift shop a few days ago, but if you know me at all... I would probably have one of those crazy-person anxiety attacks if I didn't at LEAST do a quick browse through. (You never know what gems might have shown up in the past few days...) There wasn't a ton of new stuff to peak my interest, but my heart did do a little pitter-pat when I spotted these babies. I believe them to be mid-century but I can't be positive. They are all un-marked so I wouldn't even know where to begin to research them. I just think they are darling. As soon as I got home, I washed them up and made a little tea party for the little pumpkin and I. They are perfect and have offcially been crowned our favorite little tea party set.

Happy Monday x 2!



thrifty thrifting...

Hello friends!

As promised, here is a little bit of my recent thrfting adventure!
Thrifted at two stores and spent a grand total of $18!
Can't beat that!
I love these pictures so much because they really express what I have an eye for, and what I'm always on the hunt for...
I would describe my taste as very mid-century kitsch with a few sprinkles of complete kook ;)

The still on pause for now. I'm eagerly trying to come of with some master plan on how to turn my teensy little work room into an organized and productive work station! Wish me luck! The sooner I figure out how to make my happy little work station...the sooner the shop will be ready to rock and roll!

Happy Monday everyone!



Friday, April 27, 2012

best honeymoon

our honeymoon was spectacular...
it really couldn't have been more suited for us.
we are two quirky yet responsible kids trapped
in adult what better place for that than...
Disneyworld and Universal!

much more to come...



the digs...

One of my most favorite things in life is thrifting for vintage threads...That feeling you get when you are rummaging through the hangers of (not very desirable clothing) and *BAM* that pop of 50's/60's fabric explodes in your face! Ahhhhhhh... I get so giddy when I find hidden gems buried between the mountains of mass produced (for lack of a better word...) garbage that you can find almost anywhere.

I'm the type of gal that if I won the lottery tomorrow...instead of acquiring a more expensive taste for brand new things and big name clothing...i would just be ecstatic that i would have limitless funds for all my thrifting adventures.

hey...a girl can dream.

Speaking of amazing thrifty finds...I would like to periodically share with you some of my favorite outfits I've managed to put together for some deliciously low prices...

Up top are my most recent favorite finds...enjoy.



::::: 50's floral dress :: $6 (thrift) // 60's polyester jacket :: $4 (thrift) // necklace :: $1 (estate sale) :::::

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

We got hitched!

The man of my dreams.

Super smooch.

Chuck Taylors all day.

The absolute BEST day of my life!
(Next to the day I had my amazingly beautiful daughter.)
I got to marry the man of my absolute soul-mate.
Something people spend their lives wishing for...and I got to do it!
We had the most beautiful wedding on the most gorgeous sunny day. 
We had a flash-mob style wedding at the local zoo and a little over a hundred 
of our closest family and friends showed up to share our special day with us.
(Along with a few handfuls of curious passersby.) 
This day could not have been a more perfect start to our amazing life together.
I got to marry my best friend...pretty freaking awesome.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hello There!
Welcome to the official blog for Octopus Pie Studios!
I'm so happy you stopped by to check me out!

Here at Octopus Pie Studios, you can expect to find a variety of delicious things from vintage goodies to some of my kooky artwork and projects, my road-trip adventures to my estate sale discoveries, my thrift shop journeys to my random encounters with all the flavors of life (there are some super nutty yet quite spectacular people I come across from time to time).

I hope you stop by often and enjoy yourself while your here :)
Maybe one day I will be a compliment to your morning cup o' coffee (I would truly LOVE that!)

Thanks for stopping by!
I hope to see you around soon!