Monday, November 4, 2013

A Dose of Vintage Eye-Candy ::: 1920's Mugshots

I'm totally in love with vintage mugshots.
These are definitely on my MUST FIND list while treasure hunting!
I hope to someday come across a couple to have professionally enlarged so that I can frame them and make them an interesting conversation piece in the family room!
Slightly creepy but oh-so amazing!
Check out these pieces I found on Awesome Robo!

This last photo is definitely my favorite of the bunch!
I just think she is absolutely stunning!

This particular collection of  1920's mugshots come from Australia.
They are of gangsters, fraudsters, "ladies of the night" and crooks of the sorts...
I just think they are incredible.

Hope you enjoyed!

Happy Monday y'all!




  1. those are really amazing! and you are right, the last one is the best! she is so gorgeous! i don't even know if i would recognize those as mug shots if I came across them "in the wild." I'm going to keep my eyes out now! I have one vintage mugshot print from larken design on etsy ,but would love to have my own original!

  2. How awesome! I will probably break down eventually and purchase some so that I can have them in my home! I'm just really hoping to come across them by some amazing stroke of luck one day! I love that you called it "in the wild!" So great! Thanks for stopping by Rae! xo!


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