Monday, June 24, 2013

A Summer to Look Forward To...

I'm so happy to be back!
There have been quite a few changes for me since last fall which have ultimately made me put some of my passions on the back burner. ((something i never encourage doing!))
I haven't felt like myself in what seems like forever, so once again...I am making some big changes to allow myself to still be able to do the things i love so much.

So here i am...back again! Ready to get my hands dirty in some arts and crafty time... ready to be a thrift maniac and an estate sailing treasure junkie... ready to enjoy all the little beautiful things in life, and share them with all of you :)

Get ready world...

I'm Back :)

Here are a few things i have been up to in the kickstart of getting back to ((me)) 


 Cheers to Summer everyone!

I hope you are all enjoying every bit of it just like i am!