Monday, August 26, 2013


My summer in a nutshell...instagram style
:: amazing chalk art at Electronic Music Fest ::
:: octopus bombing around the Fest ::
:: silly faces and handmade kitty masks ::
:: all dressed up for the art fair ::

:: face painting princess ::
:: my beautiful little unicorn ::
:: thrifting treasures ::
:: picnic at the zoo ::

:: funny zoo pic (notice the little boy) ::
:: we love a good carousel ::
:: grandma sunbeam is our favorite ::
:: the most beautiful little butterfly compliments of a three year old ::

:: two sassy bartenders and one AMAZING irish pub ::
:: making jell-o for the FIRST time ::
:: peanut butter pancakes "Mister Mouse & Mustache Man ::
:: lovely little family & one amazing bandana ::

:: imperial coffee stout via Griffinclaw Brewery - delish!! ::
:: yummers ::
:: building the set of the new Transformers movie in downtown Detroit ::
:: free bike rentals downtown equals one happy hubs n wifey ::

:: A&W kid ::
:: itty bitty baby bunnies in the back yard ::
:: this poor kiddo gets the weirdest faces from her mama! ::
:: my little lovely in an urban garden ::

:: Mar's first time at American Coney in Detroit ::
:: she is as sunny as a sunflower ::
:: Cracker Barrel kiddo ::
:: purple hair don't care ::

:: fresh fruit for some smoothie makin' ::
:: the cutest little strawberry i ever did see ::
:: all washed and ready for freezing ::
:: three yummy smoothies for one thirsty family (should have made more!) ::

:: one happy pup ::
:: a little vintage smut and some tea with cure anything ::
:: she wanted an umbrella for under the sprinkler - silly kid ::
:: Mars just HAD to wear ONE bicycle glove to breakfast - and of course we couldn't say no! ::

:: a little vintage wear in the cutest little diner ::
:: "Mr. Gorilla" ::
:: yummy crafty goodness ::
:: a whole new meaning to "beer goggles" ::

:: my husband is an awesome driver ::
:: silly time in the car ::
:: true love ::
:: came across a true hoarders place (will be posting about this soon!) ::

:: givin mama a brand-spanking new tattoo ::
:: new ink compliments of Mars ::
:: a fun way to give a dog a bath ::
:: one clean and happy poochie ::

Happy Monday y'all!



Friday, August 23, 2013

Got a little art in my soul...

Getting ready for my DIY Street Fair is getting me pretty amped up!
That being said, today is the perfect day for a little eye-candy!
Here are a few artists that I've come across that I think are super neat-o!

:: 1 ::

:: 2 ::

:: 3 ::

:: 4 ::

:: 5 ::

:: 6 ::

:: 7 ::

:: 8 ::

:: 9 :: 

:: 1 ::  Tripper Dungan /// :: 2 :: Helen Dardik /// :: 3 :: Pioneer House
:: 4 :: Anke Weckmann /// :: 5 :: Laura George /// :: 6 :: Retro Whale
:: 7 :: Jolby /// :: 8 :: Matte Stephens /// :: 9 :: Betty Turbo

Happy TGIF y'all!



Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Backpack Music Festival

Every year the hubs and i make it a point to attend the Backpack Music Festival in Detroit. 
This year it was on the amazing Belle Isle. ((one of our favorite spots to drive around with coffee in hand))
The Backpack Music Festival is a charity that provides backpacks and various school supplies to families in need in the Detroit area. They "showcase, promote, and celebrate the academic advancement of Detroit youth by insuring that they have the basic supplies needed to succeed in the classroom."
Admission for this festival is a brand new backpack filled with some basic school supplies.
This year, we brought three ((the hubs picked them out & he did a great job!))
This year we took little Mars and she LOVED it!
We danced, she got her face painted, we danced some more...and it was all for a GREAT cause!

Daddy was wearing Mars as a backpack on the way to the fest.

Mars getting her Hello Kitty face paint on.

Mars finally got to meet one of my favorite ladies in Detroit :: Grandma Techno ::

Mars met a dancing buddy :) 
:: The girl in the back playing the cello let Mars play with her too ::
(( I was too busy enjoying every second of that to remember to get photos! Gah! ))

Hope you enjoyed the photos :)
I really wish I would have gotten a ton more! (( especially of all the incredible djs and musicians that participated! )) Next year!


- Ash

Monday, August 12, 2013

A Wizard of Oz kind of day...

My little Marlie just recently discovered the incredible world that is The Wizard of Oz.
I've been putting off introducing it to her in fear that the flying monkeys and wicked witch might be too much for her little imagination to handle... I gave in, and put it on for her about a month ago and to my surprise, she would rather watch that than any Disney/Pixar movie out there! ((she is now a little over 3 1/2 by the way))
We cuddled on the couch and watched most of  it before bed time tonight, so I figured a Wizard of Oz post was quite appropriate this evening. I hope you enjoy!

First off... How COOL is this photo! Gah! 
You can almost see the nervousness in her face with this audition photo!

Ooooh how i wish i had the extra moolah to spend on this AMAZING set of literature!
Find them here at MillCreekCollective!

I simply LOVE this brooch by bunnyhornet!

This glass from lisabretrostyle2 would fit in just perfectly in my collection!

Sooooo pretty! 
Find these stunning 50's heels in StorybookArtifact's amazing shop!

I want! I want! 
I am a sucker for vintage children's puzzles! 
Especially these! From: MagellansBellyStudio

Oh so retro!
 Vintage 1989 Thermos

This would look great framed!
Vintage playbill from: AmeliesFarmhouse

Although this one has already been snatched up, I am loving this wizard brooch from dreamtrappings!

Love love love love love....seriously....i love this! :)
Check out this print and so many other amazing ones at AvantPrint!

I hope you adore my collection of fun little findings!

And on a final, and slightly sad note...I would like to wish a heartfelt farewell to one of the last remaining munchkins in the original Wizard of Oz.... Margaret Pellegrini who passed away a few days ago...
Thank you so much for being a part of a legacy that will live on forever :) You will be missed my dear.

Till next time...



Sunday, August 11, 2013

A cluster-fudge of stuff I love...

Pulling inspiration from a few of my Pinterest boards today :)
Just a bunch of things that make me smile :)
Whats not to love?

"Shenanigans" by Milton Bradley 1964
Although I'm an early 80's baby, I remember playing this ALL the time as a kid! I found it when I was probably 7yrs old at a garage sale. My favorite was setting everything up and playing all the little mini games (in no particular order) - to be honest, I'm not even sure that my friends and I ever actually got through a whole game! We LOVED playing the mini games TOO much! 
*this one is from my personal collection!


I am a total sucker for cool packaging! This one in particular is SUPER amazing!

I'm thinking this amazing print by Lab Partners will brighten up some space in my home very soon!

This girl has got some killer style! (( Rachel the Hat )) 
I would do just about anything for this awesome sweater!

Bucket List #56,743
 I will own these one day!

I have always wanted to make something very similar to these!
I love coming across quirky art weirdos just like me!
Animal Badges by Benjamin Wright

DIY knuckle tattoo gloves!
What an amazing idea!
I'm going to have to make them for an upcoming street fair soon!
Thanks a bunch Poppytalk!

I am utterly obsessed with these funky suitcases from the 70's!
I think my collection is up to about 4 or 5 now....
These are one of my favorite things to find on treasure hunting days!

Ooooooo! I want these! Combine anything retro-like with a space theme and I'm in!
Check them out here at Cake Decorating Supplies (UK)
(they are very reasonably priced too!)

Sooooo pretty and delicate looking!
Love Love Love these bird nail transfers!
Check out her amazing shop on Etsy!

Hope you all enjoyed my little collection! 

Have a great Sunday y'all!