Friday, November 1, 2013

There's been a change a-brewin'...

Let's take a little glimpse into my personal life...shall we?
So...about three month's ago I decided to resign from my management position at a bar on the outskirts of Detroit...I came to that decision for a few reason: The management team that I worked beside, was changing...most moving on to other opportunities, better environments, better hours, better pay. Second reason: I wanted to get back to my roots of bartending. I am passionate about pouring some yummy cocktails and delicious me crazy but i KNOW i must have been ((or at least have had a great great great great grandfather who had been)) a kick-ass drink slinger back in the ole' days! (and it's some darn good money!)) & Three: I got an amazing offer to open up ((as a bartender)) a STUNNING brand-spanking new Irish pub that just screams ((me)) from every corner! The building was built in 1900 ((113 years old!)) and the tiling is original Pewabic tiling! The walls are made of old bourbon barrels and the bar was built out of reclaimed wood from houses that burnt down in Detroit. Some church pews and gothic lamps were brought in from retired local churches to provide seating and soft light...I mean seriously...this place. Its magical.

Well...long story short a few weeks after I had let on that I was planning on leaving the company, the NEW management team thought that it wasn't in their better interest to keep me around anymore... They weren't too happy that I was leaving after 5 long years to work for what they considered "competition" i guess? 

Well folks, I am a strong believer in living life doing things you are passionate about, and I absolutely was not passionate about that environment anymore. I believe that it is easy to let your feelings and emotions about work travel back into your home after the work day is done AND I am not about to bring any negative energy into to my loving little vintage home. My little Marlie deserves a happy stress-free mama & you better be darn sure that if I am spending countless hours a day away from that beautiful little smile, it better be worth it...

So...they "let me go"and it ended up being a blessing in disguise because I got to spend the ENTIRE summer hanging out with my kiddo and doing the stay-at-home thing. Not too shabby eh? 

So here we are now... I am working my first official shift tomorrow night and the brand-new place is set to open next week! Woop! It's bittersweet really... So happy to have some sort of substantial income again ((especially just in time for the holidays!!))  ::: but man will I miss hanging out with the little miss every day!

Wish me luck on this new adventure!



P.S..... and if you were wondering what the photos above were for....I was thinking "change in my life"...equals..."changing"...equals..."changing room"...equals..."vintage changing rooms"...duh! *hehe*


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