Sunday, November 10, 2013

It's Awkward Family Photo Sunday!!!

Sundays are my family days! Time to hang out with the kiddo and the delicious home-cooked food, relax, and enjoy every second of each-others company before the busy, busy week begins.

No laptop, no shop updates, no blogging...just a pure relaxing family day!

 However, I don't want to leave you empty-handed every week, so here is my happy medium...

Awkward Family Photo Sundays!

Hope you get as much enjoyment out of these as I do!



*most all of the photos for "Awkward Family Photo Sundays" can be accredited to


  1. Ha! I had to stare at that photo for the longest time before I ever saw little naked Coppertone kid back there.

    1. Ha! That's awesome!
      I'm not positive...but if you look closer...I think that nakedness belongs to a man in a cowboy hat!? Maybe? Ha!
      It's somewhat becoming one of those "Magic Eye" pictures from way back when! - everyone sees something different!


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