Monday, May 21, 2012

Thrift shop downer...


First off... how incredibly cute is this vintage children's table set? I'm pretty sure I almost died when I spotted it across the store. I was so geeked about it that as i walked over to it, i was imagining all of the places that i could put it and exactly how i could paint my little girls future room to match it perfectly...

Then...i got real close up. And needless to say... i. was. crushed.

Almost every inch of the set was covered in packaging tape...

You see, the thrift stores around here have a way of over taping EVERYTHING. Normally it's not a problem when i buy Pyrex bowls or atomic glassware but i feel like there should be some sort class for the store associates on taping up vintage paper things. I can't tell you how many times i have taken home old board games, or children's books, or cute 1950's cardboard wall hangings that I've had to carefully peel away the packaging tape or price tag...and inevitably had to pull off bits of the beauty from them. It physically hurts when i have to strip away some of that vintage loveliness.  

So...back to this table...every single image on the table and chairs were absolutely COVERED in this tape stuff and i already knew there was no way i could salvage it after peeling the tape i regrettably walked away from it and sighed...i'm pretty sure a small piece of me died. Not just hurt a bit. So, for the rest of the time i spent in the shop i was telling myself all the reasons it was ok to not take the table home... #1. the tape would destroy it  #2. My little Mar already had an amazing table and didn't need another one and  #3. there was nowhere to fit the table right now... I felt a little better...but not completely. 

Its a really is.




  1. Oh my jeez...that made me shout out my worst obscenities! That is just the saddest thing ever. So, so cute. And so, so ruined. :(

  2. Mehhh...i know :( I was happy that i didn't have my little one with me because there were quite a few words coming out of my mouth that she doesn't need to learn just yet ;)


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