Friday, May 11, 2012

estate sale


So...part 3 of our little estate sale adventure is by far my favorite. Save the best for last right? We were in the sun room of this adorable little house and after i had gotten up off the floor from looking through a stack of vintage children's books and some old coloring books...i turned around and did a quick scan to see if there might be anything else to tickle my fancy... Then... it happened. My eyes caught sight of a decent sized cardboard box laying beneath a table, shoved almost completely out of sight. I about peed my pants when i realized what was in that box...
Oh dear unbelievable collection of vintage photos all of this beautiful artist named...Edna and her adorable family.
Mixed in this box were a few letters, some Christmas cards, and a few hundred photos...most black and white with a few colored ones. Everything was in perfect condition, and more than half the photos had their negatives and original envelopes from the developers.
My hubby just happened to few a few feet away from me when i shrieked out of excitement upon noticing this treasure trove. I'm pretty sure my exact words were "oh my god, oh my god...i'm in heaven...i have just hit my dream jackpot...((at least my dream "photos and findings" jackpot...there more than a few different kinds of treasure hunting jackpots that i'm always on the prowl for winning)) can imagine the feeling that came next when i realized there was no price on anything ((i'm not even sure they knew it was there...)) "oh, dear lord...this is going to be sooooo expensive." 
Whenever i come across a situation like this where i am so giddy about something i might just puke...and spend all the money in my pocket to get it...i stop. take a deep breath. and set myself a price limit that i can't allow myself to go over.
Sooo... i told my hubby i would spend $50 on this box, but not to let me go over that (i probably would have bumped that up to $60 if seemingly appropriate) was the time...i followed him as he carried the box up to the head honcho of the estate sale business and asked him for a price for the entire box...
(I had him do it because i was afraid the head honcho might just hear the squeak of excitement in my voice if i asked..i have a horrible...horrible poker face when it comes to thrifting and estate sale-ing...i'm working on the flea market poker face and i've almost got that one down. Hehe!
So anyway...the h.h. (we will call him) looked through the box, opening envelopes and shuffling through some obviously stunning photos...he was so thorough about it that i thought for sure it was going to be waaaayy out of my price range. Then, he looked up at me and said these four BeAuTiFuL words... "How about fourteen dollars?"
Ummmmm....I'll take it. 
I can't even begin to explain how fast i payed for the rest of my things and shuffled my little toosh right on outta fear that he might just change his mind.

I would like to add that i haven't even gone through half of that box yet...but when i do, i would like to share some more of the stunning Mrs. Edna Branch, her husband Bob and their adorable 2 sons...Billy and Bobby.

So...there you have it of my favorite estate adventures to date!

Whadya' Think?

I would love to hear of some of your favorite findings...

Hope you are having a fabulous day!



//P.S.// Top Photo--> Gorgeous!....//Christmas Santa photo//--> Classic! //and...Batman and Zorro!?!// Are you kidding!?! I almost died....just sayin.


  1. Wow! I would have been FREAKING out! And $14.00? What a lovely and completely random number. Edna was gorgeous and those other photos are amazing. Jealous of your find but proud for you all at once. :)

    1. I was totally freaking out!
      There was a lady about two feet away from me looking at tupperware that kept looking at me like i was a nutbag! haha! I guess everybody has their "thing" and vintage photos, letters, and scrapbooks are definitely one of mine! My hubby and I picked up a scrapbook one time at an antique mall and I was happy to buy it seeing all the vintage greeting cards with the most gorgeous illustrations was $20 and i was a little flip floppy on purchasing it at first.....then i realized the ENTIRE scrapbook was dedicated to this woman and her hysterectomy surgery back in the 40's! Talk about the most random find ever! I HAD to get it! I read almost the entire scrapbook to my hubby the entire ride back home haha.
      I totally understand the being jealous but proud thing too. I always love to see what people find, but am secretly utterly jealous that it wasn't me haha. So...i just live vicariously through them! :)


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