Monday, May 14, 2012

the bookshelf...

The Animal Fair

This series "the bookshelf" is for all you vintage book lovers out there.
I imagine this will be made up mostly of vintage children's books since that is one of my biggest passions...but don't be surprised if there is the occasional vintage cookbook (another fav) or harlequin romance (cover art is always fun!) thrown in...

To begin the series is this little beauty right here...
The Animal Fair (A Rand McNally Junior Elf Book) --- they are usually my fav finds!
Published in 1964. By Ellen Wilkie and Illustrated by Herbert Kane

The illustrations are to die for! The whole story is super cute and rhymes all the way through...

One of my favorite lines in the book :
 "A clever chimpanzee. In silk pantaloons. Is grinning and chinning. And selling balloons."

I've found two copies for you on Etsy in case you fall in love, like I have...
Here at REadCycle. and also here at PrairieGhostVintage.



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