Friday, May 11, 2012

estate sale

Wife-Swapping, Love Hungry Teenagers, and Crime... 

Oh My!

So...back to this amazing estate sale day with the hubby...
See these babies up top?....Ohhhh Mama!
This is how it happened...
We were in one of the houses on our estate adventure, and walking into the basement i overhear a lady saying "well...look at this! wife swapping! and...its from the 50's!"
Screeeeeech! Hold on...put on the brakes for a second! There are a few major things in this world that will catch my attention...and some of them happen to be older ((beautifully aged, i might add)) women saying off-the-wall random things ((Wife-swapping)) and totally catching me off guard...AND...any type of mention of the years 40's 50's or 60's...whoa mama! So you can imagine the kind of whiplash i got when all of that combined came chiming in my ears! I did that sort of quick side of the eye kind of glance and saw this woman flipping through some amazing looking vintage pulp. ((almost died))
I quickly scurried around the corner so she couldn't see my reaction...and gave my hubby the crazy person eyes and silently mouthed the words...i WANT that!!!
So...keeping a close and probably creepy watch of her from the corner of my eyes...i watched her set them back down. SHE SET THEM BACK DOWN! Whaaaaa?
I ran over to them so fast i almost passed out.
So as i was giggling like a little school girl and practically drooling over them, flipping through to see which one seemed the most interesting...two ladies walked up and were leaning so far over my shoulders i got a little claustrophobic...i might add that they also started murmuring things like " you really think she's buying them all?...ooooooh they are soooo interesting...geeee i would really like to maybe grab a few of them." Back off ladies...back off...So then... regrettably for some odd reason, I started to feel a little guilty and grabbed the ones i was drooling over the most and walked away to let them have a peek for themselves... why...why did i do that? I think it was a little bit of the fact that i really and i mean really enjoy my own little bubble when i'm treasure hunting...and maybe a little bit of wanting to receive some good future thrifting karma? Who knows...but i will say that yes...i do now regret not being just plain greedy...i really wish i would have just grabbed them all and not looked back. Is that awful? Ahhhh well...lesson learned...just be greedy when it comes to stuff like that. Hehehe.

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