Monday, July 16, 2012

Adventures in Thrift-land...

Holy Jackpot Batman!

Remember my post about Jell-O? Well, it isn't a fish...but i think a lobster is just as neat!

I had the thrifting itch the other day and my hubby was so sweet to give me some time to do a little treasure hunting :) 

I wasn't having the best of luck at first... I stopped at two local shops with no luck. 

Man, that really bums me out.

 I usually never really have anything specific that I am looking for...but I definitely do have a certain taste. 

I think I would categorize my taste in the Retro/Rockabilly/Mid-Century/Madmen/Pan-Am/Atomic/Hippie/Kitsch there one of those? after the first two stops, I was feeling my thrifting vibe sinking slowly...then...the 3rd store. Thank goodness for the 3rd store! My thrifting mojo was back up and climbing with every mid-century kitsch goodie I was getting my hands on!

Needless to say, I had a big smile on my face after leaving that shop :)

So...with only about 45 minutes till I had to be at work...I last-minute decided to make a quick stop at my absolute favorite thrift shop. ((The reason it is my favorite, is because they actually have a "Women's Oldies" section FULL of vintage clothing! AND the best part is that the prices are super low because it is not an "upscale re-sale")) 

I was a little worried that I was being too risky with my timing and that I might be late for work if I went...

I pulled in the parking lot, still debating if I had enough time...i almost turned around...and then I saw a big sign in the window that said "ALL CLOTHING HALF OFF TODAY"

BAH! Are you kidding me!? I hurried my little tush right in there and snatched up about 40 different amazing pieces of vintage threads...almost had a panic attack...then  headed to work! Haha!

My hubby always says that he is so happy my shopping addiction is for things that cost between 50 cents and $5.00! While a lot of women are avid collectors of Louis V, Coach, or the like...I usually WON'T buy anything unless its vintage. least its pretty rare that I do anyway...

I'm one lucky girl that he supports my awesome vintage addiction :) 

Check out the pics above and see some of my favorite finds!




  1. These are great finds! Especially love the last little plaid shirt.

  2. Thank you so much love!
    That shirt makes me want to go and plant tomatoes :) don't ask me why!? haha.
    I will be putting a lot of these amazing pieces in the ol' shop soon! :)
    Keep your eyes peeled!

  3. Wow what a haul. I'm the same way on style. I haven't honed in on an era yet , I like a little bit of everything. Love your blog.


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