Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Whopper of an Estate Sale!

The treasure-hunting gods were definitely with me today :)

My amazing hubby and little gal had an awesome daddy/daughter adventure to go on today so I decided to have a nice little day to myself before heading into work...and what better way than treasure-hunting at a couple estate sales!??

This is just a glimpse of the kind of luck I had today...

I am one happy camper, let me tell ya!

Stay tuned for more photos! 

Till then...

Happy Thursday!



  1. wowee! i can't wait to see it all! i love those christmas things! i don't know what that technique is called, but i'm a sucker for stuff made out of that. i have a cute rabbit in my craft room year round!

  2. I love the vintage "popcorn" decorations! <--- I believe that is the correct term ;)
    We have some Halloween ones and now some for Christmas!
    Now I am going to be on the search for a Santa. I could very easily just buy one off of Etsy or eBay but sometimes the treasure hunting and discovering is just much more fun AND rewarding! :)
    I would love to see that rabbit of yours! I have yet to find any for Easter!


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