Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Whopper of an Estate Sale...cont.

The treasures!

Mid-century jewelry box & a couple pairs of cluster clip-ons.

Vintage atomic tablecloths.

Vintage yarn embroidery on a piece of burlap.

Vintage children's knit and pair of embroidered overalls.

Vintage embroidered corduroy pants. 

Another pair of cute embroidered overalls.

Embroidered bib for a dolly.

The cutest pair of embroidered corduroy overalls. 

Vintage box of letters and numbers.

Archies vinyl. <3

Vintage children's workbooks.

Vintage Cedar Point map from the 70's.

A cluster of vintage postcards. I LOVE the old Holiday Inn ones!

Seventeen Magazine 1976.

Inside view of Seventeen Magazine 1976.

HUGE stack of vintage wrapping paper. To. Die. For.

Peter Rabbit and Katy books. Circa 1931 & 1943.

Inside look at Katy.

Inside look at Peter Rabbit.

Pulp Love.

Inside look of a cute Little Elf book.

Vintage A.A. Milne books. Circa 1946 & 1943.

Vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy books. Circa 1960.
Discarded from a local school hence the wear and tear.

The Little Prince. Circa 1943.

Inside look of  The Little Prince.

AMAZING mid-century melamine beverage tray. Love love love.


One of the amazing mid-century homes that a few of these treasures were discovered at.
My total DREAM home! Sigh...

Vintage Lamb cake mold! I have always wanted one of these!
I can't wait to make one of these at Easter time next year!!!

Vintage Aggravation game. 

I'm forever collecting these vintage games in hopes that someday I will have
one bad@$$ vintage game-room!
I forever treasure our wine and Michigan Rummy nights played
with our adorable vintage Canasta cards!

This baby was in a bit of rough condition but I still had to snatch it up!
How could I not? It's my FAVORITE color!

Pretty worn, but for a buck...had to.

Another awesome collection of vintage postcards! let me explain myself...
I have very fond memories of my mama and I driving to Florida with the convertible
top down...blaring this song over and over again and singing at the top of our lungs!
Guilty pleasure...
How COOL are these!?!?

The very handsome Angus MacFarlane of England...

My fellow tattooed compadre'.
So cool!

Adorable...just sayin.

The lovely Margaret MacFarland...


So, my dear it is.

Feast your eyes upon all this fantasticness!

Like I said...the treasure hunting gods were definitely on my side the past
 couple of days and I could not thank them more! 

These were just some of my favorite finds...

Looking forward to taking you along on my future adventures!

Till next time...




  1. Holy wow! What a wealth of amazing stuff! I'd be walking on air for a month. I think my favorite is that tray with the seahorses. Super sweet.

    1. Eartha!
      I actually found that tray by accident! I went back down into the basement to see if I could discover anymore of the popcorn decorations (which I did) :) and as I was about to walk back upstairs...I saw that tray from the corner of my eye! I was like "oh yeah! score!"
      It was just meant to be ;)
      I love my estate sale days :) I just wish I could make a career out of them! I would LOVE to go to them all the time!


  2. what the heck! this post just kept going and going and getting better than better! you really found some amazing stuff! i can't even pick a favorite!

    1. Rae!
      Thanks so much!
      I had a realllly lucky day!
      Those days are the best :) I went to work with the biggest smile on my face and I probably looked pretty ridiculous all day dancing around out of excitement :)



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