Monday, August 26, 2013


My summer in a nutshell...instagram style
:: amazing chalk art at Electronic Music Fest ::
:: octopus bombing around the Fest ::
:: silly faces and handmade kitty masks ::
:: all dressed up for the art fair ::

:: face painting princess ::
:: my beautiful little unicorn ::
:: thrifting treasures ::
:: picnic at the zoo ::

:: funny zoo pic (notice the little boy) ::
:: we love a good carousel ::
:: grandma sunbeam is our favorite ::
:: the most beautiful little butterfly compliments of a three year old ::

:: two sassy bartenders and one AMAZING irish pub ::
:: making jell-o for the FIRST time ::
:: peanut butter pancakes "Mister Mouse & Mustache Man ::
:: lovely little family & one amazing bandana ::

:: imperial coffee stout via Griffinclaw Brewery - delish!! ::
:: yummers ::
:: building the set of the new Transformers movie in downtown Detroit ::
:: free bike rentals downtown equals one happy hubs n wifey ::

:: A&W kid ::
:: itty bitty baby bunnies in the back yard ::
:: this poor kiddo gets the weirdest faces from her mama! ::
:: my little lovely in an urban garden ::

:: Mar's first time at American Coney in Detroit ::
:: she is as sunny as a sunflower ::
:: Cracker Barrel kiddo ::
:: purple hair don't care ::

:: fresh fruit for some smoothie makin' ::
:: the cutest little strawberry i ever did see ::
:: all washed and ready for freezing ::
:: three yummy smoothies for one thirsty family (should have made more!) ::

:: one happy pup ::
:: a little vintage smut and some tea with cure anything ::
:: she wanted an umbrella for under the sprinkler - silly kid ::
:: Mars just HAD to wear ONE bicycle glove to breakfast - and of course we couldn't say no! ::

:: a little vintage wear in the cutest little diner ::
:: "Mr. Gorilla" ::
:: yummy crafty goodness ::
:: a whole new meaning to "beer goggles" ::

:: my husband is an awesome driver ::
:: silly time in the car ::
:: true love ::
:: came across a true hoarders place (will be posting about this soon!) ::

:: givin mama a brand-spanking new tattoo ::
:: new ink compliments of Mars ::
:: a fun way to give a dog a bath ::
:: one clean and happy poochie ::

Happy Monday y'all!




  1. Ooooo! It has been Eartha! I unexpectedly became a stay at home mama for the month of August and it has actually been quite amazing :)) I'm getting lots of time to do some artsy fartsy stuff, and THRIFT!!!, and play with the kiddo, and THRIFT!! hehe :))
    Back to the old work grind soon...but for now, I'm loving every second of the freedom :))

  2. Hey Ashley Marie! Thanks so much for leaving a sweet comment on my blog yesterday! It's good to meet you! I'm adding you to my rss reader right now!

  3. Hey Jamie! So nice to meet you! I look forward to keeping in touch! xoxo's


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