Sunday, August 11, 2013

A cluster-fudge of stuff I love...

Pulling inspiration from a few of my Pinterest boards today :)
Just a bunch of things that make me smile :)
Whats not to love?

"Shenanigans" by Milton Bradley 1964
Although I'm an early 80's baby, I remember playing this ALL the time as a kid! I found it when I was probably 7yrs old at a garage sale. My favorite was setting everything up and playing all the little mini games (in no particular order) - to be honest, I'm not even sure that my friends and I ever actually got through a whole game! We LOVED playing the mini games TOO much! 
*this one is from my personal collection!


I am a total sucker for cool packaging! This one in particular is SUPER amazing!

I'm thinking this amazing print by Lab Partners will brighten up some space in my home very soon!

This girl has got some killer style! (( Rachel the Hat )) 
I would do just about anything for this awesome sweater!

Bucket List #56,743
 I will own these one day!

I have always wanted to make something very similar to these!
I love coming across quirky art weirdos just like me!
Animal Badges by Benjamin Wright

DIY knuckle tattoo gloves!
What an amazing idea!
I'm going to have to make them for an upcoming street fair soon!
Thanks a bunch Poppytalk!

I am utterly obsessed with these funky suitcases from the 70's!
I think my collection is up to about 4 or 5 now....
These are one of my favorite things to find on treasure hunting days!

Ooooooo! I want these! Combine anything retro-like with a space theme and I'm in!
Check them out here at Cake Decorating Supplies (UK)
(they are very reasonably priced too!)

Sooooo pretty and delicate looking!
Love Love Love these bird nail transfers!
Check out her amazing shop on Etsy!

Hope you all enjoyed my little collection! 

Have a great Sunday y'all!



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