Wednesday, September 18, 2013

The amazing Ferndale DIY Street Fair!!!

Alright, I know, I know... I've totally disappeared again for about a month...
However, I have a really good excuse!
I was prep prep prepping for the incredible DIY Street Fair that happened last weekend in Ferndale, MI!

Every year, the hubs and I make sure to attend this awesome event! We always make it a point to at least go one of the three days, and we usually always take little Mars so she can pick out a few goodies for herself. For those of you that know me, you know that I am a huge advocate for small independent businesses... especially if they involve handmade items or of course VINTAGE! The DIY Street Fair is all that and more! Sooo many amazing people, food, beer, handmade goodies, vintage treasures, and local musicians! 
This year... Octopus Pie Studios got to be a part of it!
This was our first year actually being a vendor in the show...and definitely NOT the last!
I am very much looking forward to the many DIYSF's to come!

In the midst of all the craziness that was this weekend, silly me totally forgot to snap some good photos of the event! ((I hate when that happens!))
However, I did get to meet some really AMAZING people which I am more than proud to be able to call friends!

I want to take a minute to showcase their amazing products and give them all the love that they deserve!
((and because im a dummy and did not get photos myself of these amazing people, I going to have to scavenge some up via the interwebs))

First up is...

The hubs and i were so fortunate to have this lovely lady and her super sweet hubby as our next door neighbors! Featured above are some of the items from her shop that have already sold seeing as that her shop is currently on vacation ((like mine!)) while she gets back to the ol' grind after the busy busy weekend we had. 
Thank you so much Kaylan for being so welcoming and sweet this weekend! It was more than a pleasure to have you both as our neighbors!

Please check out her amazing shop here---> Just Like New

Next up...

I am so excited that I have met this amazing gal! I can already tell that her and I are like two peas in a pod!

Miss Bethany is the proud owner of Reware Vintage, a really great place to find some truly amazing vintage threads!

I was super close to purchasing that amazing anchor tank, and this stunning ruffle dress from her this weekend...however i was trying super super hard to shop for anyone but therefor, I opted with this killer longsleeve for Mars and she LOVES it!

I am in love with this on her!

Please take a second to check out Bethany's amazing shop here---> Reware Vintage
And here---> on Etsy
And stop by her blog!

Next up...

Emily from Livin Vintage

Emily is such a sweetie pie & her taste is impeccably close to mine! 
We seem to have the same eye for vintage fabrics!

I purchased an amazing vintage sweater & vintage hat from Emily but haven't gotten the chance to photograph them yet. I promise to do so in the near future because they are AWESOME!

Please check out Emily's swoon-worthy shop here ---> Livin Vintage
And check out her blog!

Next on the list...

I had the utmost pleasure of stopping by the Cellar Door Soap Co. stand!

This vegan friendly soap company has an awesome selection of super cool soaps to choose from, all of which are gorgeous and smell delish! Not too mention, all with super clever names!

 I purchased three bars of the Raspberry Beret! ((that's how much i loved it!))

Please stop by the Cellar Door Soap Co. site and do yourself a favor and buy a bar! ((they only run $ really can't beat that awesomeness!))

I talked to one of the guys working the stand and he said that they had just undergone a complete re-design of their packaging and that they had a whole new look! 
*the pics that you see above are different from what was presented at the fair this weekend. Their old look ((above)) was cute and all, but OH MAN what a difference it is now! The new look is STUNNING! Super vibrant and eye-catchingly cool! All thanks to my next (and last) showcased artist... Lurk and Destroy

Lurk and Destroy's Jason Abraham Smith is by far my new FAVORITE artist. 

I am so excited that I got to talking at the Cellar Door booth, or else I may not have made it a point to leave my booth in search of the artist responsible for the stunning redesign job!

Check out all this amazingness...!

I seriously stood in his booth for about fifteen minutes just staring in awe because I was in love with ALL of his work! That never really happens for me...usually I like a few pieces that someone has done, but believe me when I say...I loved ALL of it!

I contemplated over quite a few pieces and the deciding factor was going to be whichever one had the least amount of "boobies" ((not something I mind, but Mars is a little too obsessed with right now and we are trying to get her out of that phase before she starts school! *hehe*)) and whichever one I thought might freak Mars out the least...*hehe x 2*

This is the beauty I opted for...and I am in LOVE with it! 

I already have it hanging in my living-room and even though it clashes a bit with all the sweet and delicate vintage decor...i think it's a perfect addition to my little home!

Thanks Jason!

Check out his website here ---> Lurk and Destroy
and stop by and say hello on Facebook!

Whelp...ladies and gents...
My eyes are getting glossy and my stomach is starting to yell at me, so I'm thinking its time to close the ol' computer and relax for whats left of the evening...

Hope y'all enjoyed!

Till next time...


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  1. It was SUCH a pleasure meeting you, and I love that shirt on your little girl! I totally love Livin Vintage and Cellar Door soap too - I have a bar of Brandon's soap in both my bathrooms and my kitchen! Lavender and Ginger Fizz are my favorites :)


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