Monday, August 12, 2013

A Wizard of Oz kind of day...

My little Marlie just recently discovered the incredible world that is The Wizard of Oz.
I've been putting off introducing it to her in fear that the flying monkeys and wicked witch might be too much for her little imagination to handle... I gave in, and put it on for her about a month ago and to my surprise, she would rather watch that than any Disney/Pixar movie out there! ((she is now a little over 3 1/2 by the way))
We cuddled on the couch and watched most of  it before bed time tonight, so I figured a Wizard of Oz post was quite appropriate this evening. I hope you enjoy!

First off... How COOL is this photo! Gah! 
You can almost see the nervousness in her face with this audition photo!

Ooooh how i wish i had the extra moolah to spend on this AMAZING set of literature!
Find them here at MillCreekCollective!

I simply LOVE this brooch by bunnyhornet!

This glass from lisabretrostyle2 would fit in just perfectly in my collection!

Sooooo pretty! 
Find these stunning 50's heels in StorybookArtifact's amazing shop!

I want! I want! 
I am a sucker for vintage children's puzzles! 
Especially these! From: MagellansBellyStudio

Oh so retro!
 Vintage 1989 Thermos

This would look great framed!
Vintage playbill from: AmeliesFarmhouse

Although this one has already been snatched up, I am loving this wizard brooch from dreamtrappings!

Love love love love love....seriously....i love this! :)
Check out this print and so many other amazing ones at AvantPrint!

I hope you adore my collection of fun little findings!

And on a final, and slightly sad note...I would like to wish a heartfelt farewell to one of the last remaining munchkins in the original Wizard of Oz.... Margaret Pellegrini who passed away a few days ago...
Thank you so much for being a part of a legacy that will live on forever :) You will be missed my dear.

Till next time...




  1. Wonderful post! I love the Wizard of OZ...
    so glad your little one is enjoying it too :)
    Thanks for featuring my glass!

    1. Thank you so much! I'm so happy she is getting the retro movie kick from her mama ;)She never remembers what its called, so she refers to it as "the witch movie with the cute little puppy!" haha!

  2. I love Judy Garland! Oddly, I just watched the 1985 Return to Oz movie the other night for the very first time...Now, I have seen all three; the original, the sequel, and the newest Oz movie which is auh-mazing! Those shiny apples over Dorothy's head look good enough to eat and those darling vintage Dorothy shoes by Storybook Artifact are so lovely...I think so few people realize that the original slippers worn by Dorothy in the book were not "ruby slippers" but rather "silver slippers" so these are more true to the tale! ;-) Great Post!

    1. I loved reading your post about the slippers! Very neat!
      I can't remember if I have ever seen the "Return to Oz" movie...something tells me that I probably have...the pumpkin guy looks familiar! :) However, I swear I watched some sort of B-rated movie or tv show when I was younger about Frank Baum....((just found it!...decided to take a quick Google break! haha!)) Its called "The Dreamer of Oz"...John Ritter plays the lead role! Man....that brought back some childhood memories!


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