Monday, April 30, 2012

thrifty thrifting...

Hello friends!

As promised, here is a little bit of my recent thrfting adventure!
Thrifted at two stores and spent a grand total of $18!
Can't beat that!
I love these pictures so much because they really express what I have an eye for, and what I'm always on the hunt for...
I would describe my taste as very mid-century kitsch with a few sprinkles of complete kook ;)

The still on pause for now. I'm eagerly trying to come of with some master plan on how to turn my teensy little work room into an organized and productive work station! Wish me luck! The sooner I figure out how to make my happy little work station...the sooner the shop will be ready to rock and roll!

Happy Monday everyone!




  1. Great book finds!!! I love vintage books too!

    1. I have many different kinds of collections...some I've been collecting for quite a while, and some I pick up as my adventures go on :) I seem to start a new collection every few weeks or so! Vintage children's books are one of my most favorite collections! My hubby keeps laughing when I bring more home...he usually says something like "ok...well its time to weed them out a bit, don't you think?"....that hasn't happened yet...and probably won't hehe. I think books in general are a great thing to "hoard" :) Someday, we will just have a room full of knowledge and amazing vintage illustration...what's wrong with that? ;)
      Thanks for the comment :) I'm so happy you enjoyed the pics :)


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