Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giving my life a little dose of structure and schedules...

Feeling a little bit like a crazy case lately...

I'm sure this a completely familiar feeling to most...
It's just really getting to me recently...

I try to keep the feel of this little space filled with pretty pictures, happy stories, and amazing vintage and handmade goodies, but once in awhile, a girls gotta vent ya know?

I know that the majority of the crazy feeling comes from having a list as long as the Atlantic Ocean of things I want to get done each day, and being able to only accomplish one or two ((or sometimes none!!))

My tiny home consists of  one amazing hubby, one super energetic four year old, one singing cockatiel with no volume control, two frisky kitties who are always up to no good, a year and a half old husky mix who has no sense of personal space, and a brand new little puppy who still hasn't figured out the correct place to pee yet... (((and as I'm writing this, he is currently relieving himself on the other dogs blanket...GREAT! see what i mean?)))

My super sweet little home is super crazy...and its pretty much 90% my fault...I'm a sucker for rescuing little animals ((all of my furry/feathery family have been rescued from local animal shelters))

*sigh* now the 4 going on 14yr old is running around screaming and crying because she doesn't want to follow the rules of using Mama's iPad... SWEET BABY JESUS... help me...

So, in a nutshell folks...if you are ever feeling a bit crazy, overwhelmed, or not as productive as you would hope...this lady is right there with ya. We can vent about it together over a cup of tea or coffee and laugh off all the craziness! 

In the meantime, please forgive my somewhat infrequent posts, and my sometimes empty promises of pictures and stories... I'm working on it, I promise! 

Right now I am trying to make myself a realistic weekly schedule to fit in just enough time for everyone and everything! I think I need a little structure and scheduling in my crazy little life! Stick with me guys and gals! If you ever need a pal to vent to, I'm here for ya'!



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