Thursday, October 10, 2013

Thrift Love Thursday

Welcome to my newest segment "Thrift Love Thursday"
As you all know, I am a bit obsessed with a good thrift and I am always on the hunt for some killer vintage goodies! I decided that maybe every other Thursday each month, I will share my thrift hauls with you! I know that I personally love seeing the thrifted treasures that people take home...even though sometimes I get a little jealous ;) hehe
So here ya go! Thrift Love Thursday #1!!!

Hope You enjoyed!

Till next time...




  1. Great finds! I seriously love that fish mobile!!

    1. Thanks lady! I'm super excited to make a spot for it in Marlie's future room! It's so colorful and happy! :)

  2. oh man, i'm in love with that mourning stars chief thing! what even is it? that crying star is so cute!

    1. Hey Rae!
      I did a gasp! when I found that thing!
      It's a vintage jacket from JC Penny (i think?) and whoever owned it turned it into part of a homemade Indian costume! ;)
      I had to take all the fringe off because it was falling apart, but all the decals are still very intact! It makes such a cool little coat! ;)


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