Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Overwhelmed and a little loopy quite frankly...

Everything that I thought I would for sure have done BEFORE December...just hasn't happened yet. I like to think that I'm not a complete procrastinator...but to give you some idea... the hubs and I got married in April and I just NOW changed my name on all my seriously...I just finished doing that before making this post!

So...if you are waiting on some free ad space, some more fun vintage give-a-ways, etc... I promise I will make it up to you times ten!

Multiple months of FREE advertising to come AND many many more FREE give-a-ways!

Cross my heart...

Until I get out of this procrastination funk...this photo was the best and silliest was to describe how I feel at this moment.

How about you...? Anything in particular you've been putting off lately? C'mon...spill! It might make me feel better knowing there are more loopy procrastinators out there like me.

Till next time...



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