Sunday, August 26, 2012

busy little bee...

hello everyone!

I've been quite a busy little bee these past couple of weeks...
Lots of little changes happening here and there and I am trying to accomplish them while maintaining my  "mama of the year" status... not the easiest task let me tell you.
Freshening up the shop a bit, doing some very much procrastinated "spring cleaning" (told you it was procrastinated), turning the big "29" and realizing i only have ONE more year left of my roaring twenties...eeeesh! And...preparing for my little Mar's 3rd birthday! double eeeesh! 

So hang in there folks...I will be back with some pretty AMAZING stuff!

See you soon!



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  1. Don't you worry. My 30's were some amazing years. So amazing that I couldn't even remember why I wanted to be in my 20's. I bet you'll find the same thing!


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