Monday, September 17, 2012

Got a little art in my heart...

I have a MAJOR love for festivals. I'm especially fond of the kind that include local artists and their work, local bands and musicians, local food, and of course...local beer! Combine all these things together and you have got one happy mama right here!

Just recently the hubs, the little Mars, and I got to attend a couple of our favorite festivals! Normally by this time of year we have attended anywhere between 4 to 7 of them! However, the summer here was brutal and it was reaching the high 90s on the days we WERE going to go....*super sad face.

Also, I like to partake and have a booth at one of our usual fests (( The Russel Industrial Center's People's Art Festival )) but...just my luck... it was cancelled this year... *super sad face again.

Next year, I am going to make it a point to have a booth in at least 2 shows... ((the one mentioned above)) ...and the Ferndale DIY festival...which is pictured above.

Speaking of pictures...the first little bit of pics up there are of a fest called Dally in the Alley ((which we didn't take Mars to, that way we could enjoy the nice selection of local dark beer and not mind the crowd of elbow-bumping individuals.))

The last little group of pics are the Ferndale DIY Fest... this place is just filled with the most incredible, talented, sweet, nerdy, fun-loving people and I truly, truly LOVE it!

My Thai Basil Tomato soup is starting to get I'm going to go cuddle on my couch with my kitties and devour it while watching some terribly cheesy crap t.v. ....pretty excited about that actually.

I would love to answer any questions you have about the pics above...just ask! 

I will also be back to give more info on the artists pictured above!

I would hang out a little longer and make this post a little more elaborate, but I'm seriously so freaking excited to get my lazy on right now!

I will be back soon ladies and gents!

Till then...

Happy Monday everyone!!!



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