Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Adventures of Camp Kitsch...

A breath of fresh air...

So it has definitely been a hot minute since the last post...and here's why...
The hubby, myself, and Mars took a nice little getaway roadtrip around the most beautiful parts of Michigan.
We stuffed ourselves full of fudge in Mackinac City, Rode bikes around Mackinac Island...Traveled through the amazing Traverse City, took a canoe trip down the Crystal River in Glen Arbor (the hubby and Mars have never canoed before!)... Got to see the Sleeping Bear Dunes (The most amazingly BEAUTIFUL thing I've ever seen in my 29 years of existence)...went bowling (also a first for Mars) in Roscommon at the cutest little on the Rifle River (another first for the little lady)...and finally to cap all the adventuring off, our last night was spent at the famous Bavarian Inn in Frankenmuth where Mars got to swim a ton and completely started her arcade addiction! (By the time we left, the little gal had over 4,200 arcade tickets to turn in for some neat prizes!)

Take a look at some of my favorite photos of our amazing little adventure... 

Hope you enjoyed :)
One last thing....the cars...Oh My Gawd....the cars...
I spotted both of them in a field next to the road somewhere up north and I made the hubby turn around so I could drool over them. Geez Louise! The Olds was $3,000 and the Le Sabre was $6,000....sigh....if I only had a little extra chunk o' change...those babies would be mine!

Happy Weekend Everyone!



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